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Sheldon's Horse is a re-established military and historical organization and has been recognized and operates in accordance with:
Federal Government
Flag of the United States
Flag of the state of Connecticut.png
Flag of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Rhode Island
Flag of the state of Rhode Island
Sheldon's Horse received official recognition from the 106th United States Congress as the modern continuation of the original 2nd Continental Light Dragoons.
Under Title 3, chapter 31, Section 3-10, Governor's Powers of the General Statutes of Connecticut, Sheldon's Horse is granted status as a reactivated "in service" military unit and representative of the State of Connecticut.
The regiment is recognized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a similar manner as the State of Connecticut.
The regiment has been also recognized by the State of Rhode Island as a “guest unit” in a similar manner as the State of Connecticut.

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